Pinnacles is one of a four part limited edition body of work.

Photographed in the central South-Island, these clay cliffs are a geological marvel, sharp pinnacles and ridges separated by steep and narrow ravines. The cliffs are made up of thousands of layers of silt and gravel thought to have been deposited by ancient glaciers around 20 million years ago. Geological activity in the area has then compressed these layers and lifted them up to where they stand now, the shapes  formed by erosion leaving only the pinnacles behind. The photographs are a study into the height, layers and sheer enormity of the landscape. What is left behind after a movement of ice or water. The soft blue sky creates something tranquil and freezes the landscape in a modern time.

The photographs are printed on 310gsm cotton rag with an archival rating of 100 years framed in solid oak, handmade locally.

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