Rugged coastal wedding, Catlins, New Zealand

February 22, 2020

Viv and Jacko’s beautiful Catlins wedding was one completely out of the box. When this lady first got in contact with me I knew we would end up friends. She wrote me a gorgeous heartwarming story about their relationship and was open and honest with me in the very first email. When we chatted on the phone both of us could have talked for hours, Viv has a kind heart and her and Jacko’s wedding reflected that. 

Dunedin based, they chose somewhere close to home but with a touch of charm and beauty. Kaka Point is 1 hour from Dunedin and sports a stunning, light filled venue, Port Molyneux School. Not only that there is a stunning view of the ocean and the rugged Catlins coastline as Otago becomes Southland. I’ve always though of the Catlins as New Zealand’s hidden gem and it truly didn’t disappoint. Theo and I travelled to Dunedin for the weekend and had dinner with Viv and Jacko’s bridal party on the Thursday and spent all of Friday exploring the beauty of the Catlins scouting for epic spots to take them for their photos.  Viv has impeccable taste and the wedding was perfectly her. Jacko is a chef by trade and catered the entire wedding himself spending weeks prior prepping and organising the perfect menu with good friends to help bring it to life on the day.  I have to say, it was some of the best wedding food I have ever tasted. The most incredible part of this whole weekend was Viv did the whole thing on a broken foot. You wouldn’t even know from looking at the photos but she had limited movement and took on the day like a real soldier. I have been doing this for a few years now and I have to say, this one was an absolute banger. Have a look for yourself!


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