Banks Peninsula, Canterbury, New Zealand Heli Wedding


Alex and Andy are seriously one of those couples I feel like I have known for years, like we have always been friends!

As a couple Alex and Andy have always been though the same life events at the same time. All of the big things from graduating uni to getting that first job, they were there for each other for it all. They have the most GORGEOUS golden retriever called Albie and spend a lot of time walking and exploring up on the port hills and the surrounding canterbury areas. Theo and I were lucky enough to steal Albie from Alex and Andy for Theo’s birthday as a surprise earlier in the year – he is next level beautiful, one of those big dogs who thinks they’re a small dog and can sit on your knee in the front seat of the car!!!!!

The style Alex and Andy went for on their wedding day was more minimalist and slightly unplanned but simple and reflected the overall day. Both loving architecture, they fell in love with the venues exposing internal brick and plants everywhere, bringing nature inside. This ended up pairing back beautifully with the locations we explored via helicopter on our creative shoot on Banks Peninsula. 

Some of the special little details on their day included honouring their grandparents who weren’t around to be there on the day. Andy and his groomsmen toasted with whiskey before the wedding out of his Grandad’s decanter. Alex adorned jewellery from both of her grandmothers, a brooch in her hair and a pair of earrings with a pop of colour that also happened to fit perfected with her classic engagement ring style.

For the creative shoot, we ended up at a back-up location due to the weather. However, it could not have been more perfect! We landed on the beach and then spent the next hour frolicking around the little bay, dancing in the waves and running through the long grass. I remembered when I first met with Alex she was really conscious that she wanted her and Andy to have fun with their wedding photos, bring their personality and style into them and be able to look back with happy memories of that part of the day. I am more than certain we managed to achieve that for them and I know I look back on our little adventure with such fond memories!

I’m almost finished, I promise! I just want to end this wee insight by saying how wonderful and rare it is to find humans this amazing. Alex, Andy, Theo and I have caught up a couple of times since their wedding for a drink and we will 100% be keeping in touch with these two, they are absolute gems!