Bali Honeymoon Adventure Shoot

June 25, 2019

When Safia and Emad first emailed me about photographing them in Bali they were passionate about capturing their sense of adventure. They explained that they wanted to elope in Bali, however, family obligations and tradition meant that would never be possible for them. We planned together a relaxing shoot with an adventurous twist, hoping to replicate the feeling of going away somewhere special and eloping. 

I went over a week before the shoot and scouted out a few locations, if you’ve been to Bali you will know that everywhere has become super touristy and crowded, especially the waterfalls. 

We wandered the rice terraces and scaled the cliff to get to the beach for our epic Bali sunset, the salty water lapping the shore and at times rolling in to soak our feet.

I will 100% be back to Bali again next year, it’s such a beautiful little island full of lovely people. The sunsets can’t be beaten, with the haze providing that perfect orange glow. 

I wanted to find some places that would be a bit more quiet and hopefully, more relaxing for our shoot, especially focusing on the places that make Bali unique. Unfortunately most of the rice farmers had just harvested leaving the steeper terraces bare and brown! Not half a day later our driver spotted this gorgeous green rice field for us!

We started in the north of Bali but for the beach shoot we moved south. This one is located on the south west coast and boy oh boy, what a stunner. The rugged cliffs did it for me initially but when the sun finally set I wanted to move there!


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